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When participating in online football betting, you can choose from various types of bets such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under. However, there is a less common but popular type of bet called the Corner Bet.

So, what is a Corner Bet? How can you effectively play and win with Corner Bets? Let's refer to the following article by Wintips for more information.

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What is a Corner Bet?

A Corner Bet, also known as a Corner or Corners bet, is one of the newest forms of online football betting. With this type of bet, you don't need to worry about which team wins or loses or the number of goals scored in the match. The only thing you need to focus on is the number of corners in the game you are betting on. Other corner-related factors such as which team gets the first corner or the last corner may also be considered.

Depending on the nature of the tournament, the match, and the characteristics of each team, bookmakers will provide different Corner Bet options with corresponding odds. The Corner Bet odds may vary between different bookmakers.

How to effectively analyze Corner Bets

Full-match Total Corners Bet

The Full-match Total Corners Bet, also known as Over/Under or Total Corners 2 Way O/U, is a type of bet that calculates the total corners in the entire match. Similar to some other Over/Under bets, with Total Corners Bet, you need to choose whether the total number of corners will be Over or Under the bookmaker's specified odds.

When placing a Corner Bet with this option, the Under selection means there will be fewer corners than the bookmaker's odds, while the Over selection means there will be more corners than the bookmaker's odds. Some bookmakers also offer Half-time Total Corners Bet (Corners 1st Half or Corners 2nd Half), but it is less common.

1x2 Corners Bet

With the 1x2 Corners Bet, you have three options: Win, Draw, or Lose, depending on the different winning odds provided by bookmakers. Playing this bet is similar to the European Handicap in online football betting.

Even/Odd Corners Bet

Even/Odd Corners Bet is a simple type of Corner Bet. You just need to predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be Even or Odd and place your bet accordingly. For example, if there are approximately 8 corners in the match, it would be considered Even, while 9 corners would be considered Odd.

First Corner Bet

The First Corner Bet, also known as the First Corner, requires you to predict which team will be awarded the first corner in the match.

Last Corner Bet

The Last Corner Bet is similar to the First Corner Bet. However, instead of predicting the first corner, you need to analyze and predict which team will be awarded the last corner in the match.

Next Corner Bet

Another type of Corner Bet is the Next Corner Bet, where you only need to predict which team will be awarded the next corner by the referee and place your bet on that team.

No Corners Bet

To attract players, bookmakers may offer a bet with odds that no corners will occur in the match, commonly known as a No Corners Bet or 0 Corners Bet. This is a special type of Corner Bet with high potential returns, such as placing a bet at 1 and winning 10 or even higher. However, a match with no corners is very rare, so caution is advised when participating in this type of bet.

Winning Tips for Corner Betting

To achieve success in any type of football betting, including corner betting, it is crucial to have a certain level of experience. Below are some winning tips for corner betting gathered from experts and seasoned players.

According to betting experience, it is advisable to place corner bets once the match has started. Avoid participating in corner betting before the game begins.

Focus on placing corner bets in matches involving strong teams. The probability of having corner kicks in those matches will be much higher compared to matches involving average teams.

The most important aspect is thorough research of all relevant information about the match. This will greatly help you make informed decisions during the betting process.

There is a higher likelihood of having more corner kicks than the bookmakers' odds suggest if the match involves two attacking-oriented teams. In contrast, if the match is a competition between a strong team and a weak team, the chances of over corner kicks will be significantly higher. Conversely, if both teams have a defensive playing style, the number of corner kicks will be lower than the bookmakers' odds.

The final stages of a match usually see an increase in the number of corner kicks because both teams are eager to score and determine the outcome.

Thoroughly analyze all relevant information about the two teams in the match you intend to bet on. Pay attention to corner kicks and the frequency of corner kicks awarded to these teams in recent matches.

Avoid selecting bets with no corner kicks occurring in the match, as matches without any corner kicks are extremely rare.

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With these tips, Wintips has shared what a corner bet is and how to consistently win in corner betting. It is hoped that this information will enhance your knowledge when participating in this type of betting and help you choose successful corner betting opportunities.




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